You Are Special and You Got To Believe In Yourself

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”- Coco Chanel

At last I watched the much hyped Lego movie with my kids. The movie was fantastic and had a message for everyone including kids and adults. The Lego pieces were used as metaphors. The story was about most of us who live our lives in a mechanical way without realizing our inner purpose. The biggest lessons that come from this kids’ movie are

• You all are special and can choose to live a great life when you start believing in yourself.
• If you want to leave a mark on this world, you got to be different from others and need to realize your special powers.
• Don’t follow the bandwagon else you will not be able to distinguish yourself from others.
• If you choose to look the same way you have always looked like and want to be like other people in your group, you are not breaking that shell.
• If you will always stick to your comfort zone, you will be in the cocoon and never get to become a butterfly.
• Initially, you might face resistance but eventually your success will make people to accept you as you are and the world will get a new achiever.
• Even a small act which is different will give you an instant visibility and bring you on the spotlight.

Don’t worry I did not give out the entire story, so you can still watch the Lego movie with your family and enjoy.


Journey To You: The Best Self-Help Book I Have Read

Recently, I got to read the book “Journey to You” by Steve Olsher, popularly called, America’s Reinvention Expert . I have read several self-help books before. But this book instantly struck a chord. I liked the examples cited about people who attained their desired results during adverse conditions and not only I but everyone can relate with these examples. The book suggests that each one of us have the ability to achieve desired results in ordinary circumstances if we know what we are born to be. All we have to do is find how we are wired and what is our natural talent. This fact inspired me to start my blog, the idea I had nurtured long time back, but did not take to closure.  Now, I have realized my talent and that is to share my knowledge with others. After reading the book, you too can find your natural talent and gift and share with others. The book helps people to unleash the real person beneath their persona and achieve goals by consciously learning to move from who they are now to how they are born to be.  You can realize your true potential by reading the complete book and be in a position where you are destined to be.

I think this is the best self-help book written in a simple and succinct manner. No wonder, it is the “Self-Help Book of the Year.” I will rate the book 5/5.