3 Tips to Save More on Back to School Shopping

Well, I was busy lately for packing back to school supplies for my children. I have always been frugal with my shopping and I love to make lists and cross-check every single item and scrutinize last year’s supplies to strike some items off the list. However, there are three important lessons I learnt this year and I want to share with everyone.

Take Advantage of Tax-Free Days

Last week, I visited JCPenney for clothes shopping (I had accumulated coupons). I was surprised when I read about tax-free days. Indeed, I saved a lot on top of the coupon discounts. So, always be aware of  tax free days in your area and take advantage of tax-free shopping. You may check with your local stores about tax-free days in your state and also it is not just for one day but for the entire weekend. So, it is a great idea to spend some time to research about this great money saver.

Don’t Forget Wholesale Clubs

If you thought that only Walmart and Target has the best shopping deals, think twice. Wholesale clubs like Costco offer the best deals on stuff like Kleenex, Art and Craft kits, Composition books etc. It pays to buy even the pens, erasers and binders if you have more than 2 school age children, because you can share the bulk pack among your children. You may also want to split the items with your friends who have children same age as yours. Wholesale clubs are also great for buying printer cartridges, paper and even printers. If you or your spouse is using printer regularly, this is the best time to stock up paper and cartridges or you may want to change your printer as well.

Never Stick to One Store

There is a golden rule of investing, never put all your eggs in one basket. For shopping, there is a golden rule, never buy from the same store. You can be loyal to your brand, but try switching the stores. Of course, many stores claim that they do have price match guarantee, but it is wise to compare before rather than calling customer service and resolving issues. The best thing is to install price comparison apps like “The Find.” It is available for iPad and Android devices. So, you can look up the prices of the products not only in stores near you, but also the online prices as well. So, if you want to order Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator, which is by the way over $100 in Walmart and Amazon is available in Staples at a discounted price.  So, it saves a lot of money to do a little bit of research.



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