My 3 Favorite Finance Experts

Well, there is definitely a lot of buzz around personal finance and investing and there are so many experts coming up with new strategies to save you money and help you get financial independence. Nonetheless, there are 3 experts that have been my favorite and when it comes to giving real advice, they know the ground realities and their personal failure has taught them many lessons worth sharing.

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is one of the internationally acclaimed personal financial gurus. She had worked as financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. Whether it is founding her own financial group called Suze Orman Financial Group or launching her own TV show, Suze Orman has forged her own path. She talks from head and offers a practical advice sometimes not easy to follow. Her biggest claim to fame is her expertise in dealing with money related issues using old-school thoughts and traditional methods. While her methods are conservative, yet she is a reigning queen in the field of personal finance due to simple money saving mantras and downright advice. She has written several books on financial management and she also rites a financial advice column for “O” Magazine. I often visit her blog at to get some real advice.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is an expert in the field of finance and real estate. Like Suze, Dave started his own investment group and very soon he tasted the failure and this personal failure motivated him to be financially free. He soon started helping other people with financial problems and his personal experience had helped Dave Ramsey to come up with money saving lessons. Ramsey is the creator of Financial Peace University, which is known for biblical teachings on finance and money. He has his own radio show and has written many New York Times Best Selling books.  Dave’s claim to fame is his simple lessons on money and strong focus on encouraging people to live debt free.  It is a joy to read Dave’s blog at

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is famous for his contemporary approach to finance literacy. His claim to fame is the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” a book that made Robert Kiyosaki, an internationally acclaimed finance expert. He is an advocate of finance literacy for kids and believes that just like other subjects; financial literacy should be taught in schools. Robert Kiyosaki is not only an investor but also a successful entrepreneur who owns many businesses. He reveals his money making and money investing secrets in his blog at

While the above list is based on my personal choice and opinion and  if you have some experts who have influenced everyone in a big way, please share in the comments section.


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