Happy Pi Day (3.14)

Infinite, elusive and transcendental that is how you define it. No, I am not talking about the God. I am talking about Pi, the Greek letter which represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. I am not a mathematician or a geek for that matter. I wish the readers of this blog a Happy Pi Day, which is celebrated worldwide on March 14th to commemorate Pi. For geeks and mathematicians, pi is sacred. The mystery of Pi lies in the fact that it is a mathematical constant, yet it is infinite. Pi is an irrational and complex number which is used by scientists and mathematician to design complex structures and solve many mysteries of the universe. I was wondering can anything irrational or complex be used to solve the mysteries of life. But then, irrationality and complexity both are the matters of perspective. We call something irrational because it is beyond our reasoning and logic. To scientists, idea of God’s existence may be irrational, yet we have faith in infinite powers and transcendental supremacy of God. When we are unable to solve the mysteries of our lives, we seek divine because we trust him. Similarly, mathematicians trust this infinite and elusive number called Pi, even though it is non-algebraic and its true calculation is not possible.

“And so, in that Greek letter that looks like a shack with a corrugated tin roof, in that elusive, irrational number with which scientists try to understand the universe, I found refuge” —Yann Martel, Life of Pi.