You Are Special and You Got To Believe In Yourself

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”- Coco Chanel

At last I watched the much hyped Lego movie with my kids. The movie was fantastic and had a message for everyone including kids and adults. The Lego pieces were used as metaphors. The story was about most of us who live our lives in a mechanical way without realizing our inner purpose. The biggest lessons that come from this kids’ movie are

• You all are special and can choose to live a great life when you start believing in yourself.
• If you want to leave a mark on this world, you got to be different from others and need to realize your special powers.
• Don’t follow the bandwagon else you will not be able to distinguish yourself from others.
• If you choose to look the same way you have always looked like and want to be like other people in your group, you are not breaking that shell.
• If you will always stick to your comfort zone, you will be in the cocoon and never get to become a butterfly.
• Initially, you might face resistance but eventually your success will make people to accept you as you are and the world will get a new achiever.
• Even a small act which is different will give you an instant visibility and bring you on the spotlight.

Don’t worry I did not give out the entire story, so you can still watch the Lego movie with your family and enjoy.


Admit Your Ignorance and Take the First Step towards Learning

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”— Mark Twain

Nothing can sabotage you more than hiding your ignorance. Indeed, accepting and admitting your ignorance in front of tens of thousands of people is no shame and it is a giant step to move from darkness to light. But, all too often, our ego which needs a boost here and there, does not allow us to accept our ignorance and keep us in the state of darkness forever. It is like you are sick and avoiding the visit to the hospital because your ego is not ready to accept that you are sick. Therefore, we must turn to our soul or inner conscience that enables us to make the right decision whenever we are caught in the state of dilemma. Not only it is important to accept the ignorance, but you need to commit to yourself that you will transform this ignorance into knowledge and learn something new. This needs rock solid confidence and persistence to stay on the course. Many great minds failed to make a mark on this world because they kept hiding their ignorance from others all the time and when they realized that it is time to learn and keep moving, it was too late.

So, find and accept your ignorance today and show the confidence to learn something new.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn” —- Benjamin Franklin

Shift Focus Away From the Problems and Experience Serendipity

“There’ll always be serendipity involved in discovery”—Jeff Bezos, the Founder of

I did not believe in serendipity. No, I am not talking about the 2001 rom com starring Kate Beckinsale, what I am referring to is the happy discoveries that are purely accidental. I always believed that our life is the result of what we give to it each passing day. But, I discovered that life throws some opportunities when we shift our focus away from the problems at hand. We are so caught up in our mundane lives and daily problems that we fail to make an important discovery which we all are capable of. A few days ago, an incident changed my belief on serendipity. Oftentimes, when I get caught in the problem (read the internet connection is down), I ask this question “Why God why?” Although, I call Time Warner, but to no avail. I don’t get any answer in return except for more sufferings and the feeling that I am helpless and have no control over certain things. A few days ago, when similar incident occurred (the net was down, thanks to Time Warner), I consciously tried to shift my focus away from that situation and told myself repeatedly that nothing in this world is more important than my happiness. Not even my emails and important projects. So, I tried my focus on other things which needed my attention and some time. I discovered that more I was away from my problems, more powerful I felt and was able to finish some important projects (organizing and cleaning) with great care and enthusiasm. I felt more energetic and happy despite spending good 2 hours away from my laptop. Suddenly, when my husband called and asked me to send an important email, I realized that the internet connection was restored.

Moral of the story: It is good to lose internet connection once in a while so that you can go and discover something new.