Failure is not Fatal

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
Robert H. Schuller

Indeed, many of us never attempt new things because of fear of failure. All too often, the fear of failure is a self-inflicted punishment and is not due to external factors. Even the most talented people give in to this self-created monster, because somewhere deep inside they believe that they are destined to doom. However, reality is the true manifestation of our thinking and our own mental image. So, if you keep telling yourself that you can’t fail, you feel light and stress-free. As a result, positive energy is generated and you start seeing yourself as a winner. With the positive mental image you can get the most difficult things done with élan. Winning becomes the habit of those who are never scared of failure and are not obsessed with success either. They just forget about the result and get immersed in the task at hand. So stay focused on your goal and you will never go off-course.

“Obstacles are things a person see when he takes his eyes off his goal.”
E. Joseph Cossman


First of all, I want to apologize to all the readers that I did not add any new post for a long time. But, I am back and will continue to keep the readers of this blog engaged with fresh new thoughts.