Declutter Your Mind

I am done with my spring cleaning, although a bit late (we are into summer already). While I was decluttering my sweet home, I found some treasures (items I thought I had lost) buried under the huge pile of clutter (stacks of paper). I realized how our mind is also cluttered with many useless thoughts and distractions, which bury the treasure (powerful ideas). Just as clouds cover the sun and prevent the sunlight from entering our lives, our mind is cluttered by many thoughts and ideas and overshadows our deepest desires and goals. What we call presence of mind only comes naturally to those who live in the moment and do not clutter their minds with many thoughts. If your mind is wandering in the maze of thoughts, how can you focus on one thought at a time? To get clarity of goals, you need to remove some mental cobwebs and this will help you get closer to the thoughts or ideas that are related to your goals. Succeed in your mind decluttering project by

• Taking one thought or idea at a time.
• Turning off all your distractions such as emails and cell-phones.
• Spending a quality time with self. Call it meditation, practicing silence or me time. This time, will help you focus on one idea or one thought.
• Delve deeper into that thought and focus your attention on all the thoughts that are related to it.

Enjoy the sunshine in your life.


What are you going to do with a Dollar Today?

“The highest-earning billionaire CEO in the United States received a salary of just $1 in 2012.”

Richard Kinder, the CEO of Kinder Morgan has been getting a salary of just $ 1 a year since 1997. It is a different matter that his net worth is around $10 billion. But, the point here is whether a dollar can fetch that big value. I pondered deeply to realize the value of a dollar, in current times. I thought for a while and came to the conclusion that a dollar a day, can do many things.

• Get you one meal (a McDonald’s burger).

• Fetch you food for thought (an eBook on Amazon for 99 cents).

• Buy you a spiral notebook for writing your goals.

• Make a phone call to an important person who might change your destiny.

So, a dollar which we waste just like that can be put to different creative uses. This made me realize that rather than buying stuff for my kids, I need to give them a dollar a day so that they can save that money and use it appropriately.

So, what are you going to do with a dollar today?

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children–William Makepeace Thackeray

I wish all my readers a very Happy Mother’s Day. I remember how my mother has toiled hard to make me what I am today and when I used to ask her how she was able to manage everything without getting tired. She said only one thing, “when you will become a mother, you will understand how a mother gets everything done.” Years later, when I gave birth to my kids, I realized that mothers are never allowed to get tired. Motherhood is the most grueling task, but it is the most beautiful job in the whole world.

I feel, as soon as a woman starts her journey of motherhood, she gets the energy from the universe to nurture a new life within and outside. As a mom, I feel truly rewarded when my kids smile and say “Thank you for being there for me.” When kids understand the affection of their moms and show their love in small acts, moms feel proud. If you also love your mom, there is no better gift you can give to your mom than giving a hug and saying thank you for her efforts.

Is Losing Fun?

“You think losing is fun”— Billy Beane, Moneyball
Well, losing is definitely no fun. But, if you fixate your mind on the failure or the current loss, you will not be able to see the brighter side of the life, which is the hope to win. Fear of failure has eclipsed many bright minds and flawed the impeccable performers. In order to eliminate the fear of failure, see your failure as an opportunity to perform better. Failure is a state of mind and it does not last long. Remember you cannot fail until you have given up mentally. You can convert every failure into success, provided you want to use the science behind success. If you take the real lessons from your defeat, no one can stop you from winning ever again. Take failure as a project and based on your findings, make action plans and work your way up to the victory. Here is a step-by-step plan to make failures as your stepping-stones.
1. Get to the real cause of your failure, whether it was your attitude or aptitude.
2. Take honest feedback from the people around you including your peers and mentors.
3. Gauge your performance to see how far you have come from where you were.
4. Continue to sharpen your skills to improve performance
5. Reward, every improvement even if the end result is a failure.

With every failure, brighten your mind with more positive thoughts than the self-limiting beliefs. Keep repeating the words of Thomas Alva Edison, the man who brightened our lives with his invention.
I have not failed; I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.