Don’t Let Your Ego Derail Your Success

“You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak” – George Clooney.

The first month of the year 2013 is coming to an end. I was wondering, what I learned in these 30 days which went by so quickly. When I pondered deeper, I felt that I have become more resilient and have started to look at any comment or feedback objectively rather than being offensive or defensive. You cannot accept other person’s viewpoints in an objective manner, until your ego subsides. As long as, you have a strong ego, you will fail to understand the feedback given by your partner, parent, a friend or a colleague. But, when you ponder over in your quiet moments, you will find that your strong self or ego was standing like a wall between you and other person. This can be changed, if you realize that the feedback or comments are actually an effort to make you a better person, not to make you look inferior. Accepting and correcting mistakes is the hallmark of great people. Therefore, if a person is giving an honest feedback take it and learn from it. This is the only way to achieve success. If you let your mind grapple with “I am right, you are wrong” you will never meet your goals. Do not let your ego completely overshadow your personality. If you nurture your ego, you can’t really grow. The point here is not to have a blind faith on other person. It is sometimes important to put your ideas across. But, at the same time, do not let ego derail your success.