Make Way for the New Year, While Cherishing the Beautiful Memories from the Old one

We all want novelty and look forward to change in our life and that’s why we welcome something which is new. However, we are also attached to the old stuff and everything that is old is so endearing, whether it is our old memories or the year that is going by. Today, being the last day of the year 2012, it is difficult to see the old year slip away, but at the same time looking forward to welcome 2013 heartily. New Year brings new hope and for many people it is the time to make new resolutions and for others it is the best time to start a new journey.

Just as the new beginning is important, looking back and taking stock of the entire journey is equally significant. If I look back, I realize what I have learnt in the entire 2012 and how much experience I have gained during this process. I realized that 2012 was the best time of my journey as I started this blog and wish to continue this endless journey at a faster pace in 2013 and coming years.

I promise all the readers that I will continue to post the new stuff and will give this blog a more professional and a new look.