Never Stop Dreaming!

Every human being is born to find and live his or her purpose. During childhood, the imagination power is much stronger and that reflects when the kids ask innumerable questions about the universe, world and the nature. They keep their imagination and creativity alive by making the sandcastles and they don’t forget to dream and their dreams are their only possessions. When they grow up, they lose the power of imagination and rather than asking questions, they succumb to the opinions made by others and often let others decide for them. ¬†As an adult, we are so engrossed in meeting the needs of society and people we interact with be it our family members or friends, our community or society. Therefore, we fail to listen to our hearts. I am not saying that one should forego his or her responsibilities or stop caring for relations. Rather, a person needs to learn to love himself while loving others and needs to listen to her own heart. Never stop dreaming and daring to dream, because dreams have immense power. They have the power of transformation. Remember, there is no age prescribed for dreaming. So, go unleash the power of all your mental faculties and be a new you. But, first begin with dreaming and imagination, because imagination is the very basis of creation. Divine loves creation and loathes stagnation. So, do not get stuck in your daily routine. Come out of it and create something new which is beneficial to you as well as others.