Embrace Success with Patience

Success is like a building across the street that appears hazy from where you are standing, but as you walk towards it, you are able to see the building clearly. It is like walking on the road when you cannot clearly see your destination, but as you go further you will definitely see your destination clearly. When you begin a long journey whether it is fighting a battle against a deadly disease or standing up for any social cause, what you get in the beginning is the clouds of self-doubts that cover the sun of determination. But, you must work hard to let the sun of your strong will and determination shine through the clouds of self-doubts. There is no guarantee that success will be the outcome of your efforts, but  you still need to march on with patience, perseverance and perspiration, because the end result will always be better and you will evolve as a person. Keep going until you embrace success.


Journey To You: The Best Self-Help Book I Have Read

Recently, I got to read the book “Journey to You” by Steve Olsher, popularly called, America’s Reinvention Expert . I have read several self-help books before. But this book instantly struck a chord. I liked the examples cited about people who attained their desired results during adverse conditions and not only I but everyone can relate with these examples. The book suggests that each one of us have the ability to achieve desired results in ordinary circumstances if we know what we are born to be. All we have to do is find how we are wired and what is our natural talent. This fact inspired me to start my blog, the idea I had nurtured long time back, but did not take to closure.  Now, I have realized my talent and that is to share my knowledge with others. After reading the book, you too can find your natural talent and gift and share with others. The book helps people to unleash the real person beneath their persona and achieve goals by consciously learning to move from who they are now to how they are born to be.  You can realize your true potential by reading the complete book and be in a position where you are destined to be.

I think this is the best self-help book written in a simple and succinct manner. No wonder, it is the “Self-Help Book of the Year.” I will rate the book 5/5.

Let the Spring Come

In “Ode to the West Wind” Shelley writes, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

In our daily life also we need the fresh breeze of spring especially when things are not falling in place. Sometimes, we feel low and find there is negativity surrounding us. All you have to do is just dust off the negativity around your life and embrace a positive attitude. It is easier said than done though. But,  life gives us many wonderful gifts amidst the adversities and it is our duty to find and rather steal those positive moments in spite of all negativity. Whenever, I am sad or in doldrums, I look up to the nature and a blooming flower fills my heart with the joy and reiterates my faith in Almighty. So, soak up nature’s bounty by strolling in woods or go catch a butterfly in your garden. For few moments, forget about your problems and grab enthusiasm of a child who never looks for a reason to be happy.

Hello world!

Welcome to Quest for Knowledge.  I love to write and share my musings with others. This blog is not just a journal for me, it is a platform to connect with all my readers who wish to give a candid opnion on my posts.

In the words of Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”It was my dream to create a website that gives me opportunity to post the reviews on the latest books as well as news.